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Art Magic by Molly Roberts

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Art Magic by Molly Roberts

We Say: Every now and then a book comes along that just simply ticks all your magical (or witch) crafting boxes. This colourful and vibrant offering is definitely one of those.  It’s not just the fantastic ideas …the clear pictorial instructions or even the pure enchantment of creative potential.  It just has that spark of inspiration woven into every page whilst at the same time encouraging you to repurpose everyday items to create magical masterpieces and unique gifts.  Each project invites you to put your own individual style into each handcrafted treasure, and so developing your natural skill. You do not always need glitter (although it's fun) to be a crafting Goddess ... From the Pop Art Oracle to a Handmade Scrying Mirror there is something for all. Including sections on the close relationship between magic and art, layering magic into your work, Art Magick is sure to be a much loved and well used addition to any spellcrafting bookshelf ......

The Publisher Says: This inspirational grimoire invites you to the shimmering primordial crossroad of the imagination where art and magic meet. With step-by step instructions and illustrations for over 15 projects, Art Magic reveals how to make an array of bewitched objects and establish your very own art magic practice, including your own pop oracle set, scrying mirrors, magical mandalas, protection plushies, healing weavings, otherworldly wands and more. Whether you are a curious beginner, experienced crafter, dabbling magician or recovering creative, Molly Roberts will be your guide as you explore a colourful animated world that lies just beneath the surface. 

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