We are getting closer to that beautiful turn of the wheel to the Spring Equinox... xxx


The Moon Hare Shopper

The new version of this very popular jute bag.  A constant bestseller in the shop, this shopping bag features a favourite creature of ours on both sid...
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Tiny Moon Hare

Divine tiny handcrafted moon hare in fired clayEach is a little different, truly unique.A lovely small totem gift symbolising abundance, renewal and g...
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Besom Wall Pentacle

The pentacle, or pentagram, is honoured in many traditions. Its five points represent the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit, thus encompa...
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Moon Magic Pendant

One of our most favourite moon pendants - no other pendant prides itself with such a perfectly wrought fine crescent. Carefully cast, it has a tiny cr...
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Mini Moon Magic Pendant

To our delight, we can now offer you the 'mini' version of our very popular Moon Magic Pendant. Cast in sterling silver is it exactly the same as it's...
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Brigid Cross Pendant

Sterling silver pendant, complete in a gauze pouch with a length of black cotton cord. 3.8 cms diameter. It is long time since we have found a Brigid ...
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Rhiannon Pendant

 A beautifully crafted and simple rendition of the ancient Goddess marking in the land. For all those who love the Divine Feminine and Rhiannon's ever...
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Little Book of Shadows

This neat little blank hardback book is designed for use as a magic journal. Handsomely designed with an embossed silver pentacle on a black imitation...
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