We are getting closer to that beautiful turn of the wheel to the Spring Equinox... xxx

Samhain Ancestors Offering

Samhain Ancestors Offering


To embrace the deep and powerful energies of Samhain. To honour and give thanks to those who have walked through the veil before us.....

Ready to use, this charm can be hung in your home, carried with you, or left as an offering in a sacred and special place....

Rosemary - for remembrance and peace

Marigold - for connections, dreams, love

Poppy Seeds - for enduring love and peace

Ravensara Oil - for healing and courage

Delicate Scull Charm - to mark the Turning of the Wheel

Ready to give as a gift or keepsake. Made with love in Glastonbury. Exclusive to us.

A6 size in cello packet.

We remain true to the contents of this charm as closely as possible. Sometimes the contents may be slightly varied according to availability, but its value/energy will always remain unchanged.

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